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Welcome to TheOneRing.net's Lord of the Rings & J.R.R. Tolkien humor section! This area contains a wide range of comedy for the Tolkien fan. Please be aware that some entries may be vulgar, or contain profanity or other inappropriate content for some readers. Movie and story spoilers may also be present! Parent supervision is advised. If you wish to submit an offering for Ticklers, please follow the guidelines as detailed here. Caution: reading this page in the wee hours may disrupt sleeping family... Enjoy!


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 12/01/03 Archive
Mordor Beer
Taken and sent by Andrew Wilson
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Maltese Hobbit
Taken and sent by Greanleaf
[ Click for Larger Version ]
Would You Let This Man Direct LotR?
Matt Shuster
[ Click for Larger Version ]
By Leg 'o' lamb
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7-up Delivery
Submitted by Elora from TheWhiteTower.net
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7-Up Deagol
By Leg 'o' lamb
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Tickle Me Ulmo
By Brian Whalen
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 •What did Legolas see when he looked into Galadriel's mirror?
ANSWER: A Bloomin' fine looking Elf.
- submitted by Lorella

 •What would be Ned Flanders name in Middle Earth?
ANSWER: Tom Bom-didli-om-bom
- submitted by Lorella

 •There was an archery contest in Lothlorien and all the great archers were there. The 1st one comes up and fires his arrow right in the apple on top of an elf head and says:
-I'm Legolas!!!
The 2nd one comes and fires his arrow...he splits the 1st arrow in half and says:
-I'm Thranduil
Another comes and shoots the elf under the apple and says:
- submitted by Oana

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Comic Image
Would You Let This Man Direct LotR?
Matt Shuster
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