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The suspicious Letter - Phoenix Edhelwen

While sorting out mail from the postman, Frodo happened upon a peculiar letter. Birds of different colors decorated the four Letters that glared at him bold red in the light. N O E L. " how very strange." Thought Frodo as he held it to the light. It seemed to be a regular Christmas card, but there was no name signed.

" Very strange indeed."

Several hours later, while Frodo was having Gandalf, Sam, Merry and Pippin over for tea, he mentioned the odd letter. " And it had no name written. It was very peculiar"

"Maybe someone just forgot to write it, mister Frodo." Said Sam as he ate another pastry.

" No, there is something more dangerous afoot Sam." said Gandalf. " Show me the letter Frodo."

"Um, here it is."

Gandalf looked at it with the utmost care.

" It was as I thought. Look here, Frodo." Gandalf pointed to the birds.

" They're birds, what about them?" asked Pippin as he downed another mug of ale.

" Look closely, fool of a took. These are no ordinary birds. Look at the malice in their eyes."

Gandalf said. " Those birds are none other than the Crebain. The evil watcher birds of Sauron." Sam shuddered.

Frodo looked at the card in horror. " Why? Why would anyone send me such a card?"

Gandalf looked once again at the letter. " It is worse then I feared. Look at these letters. In the regular speech they spell noel, a common enough Christmas greeting. But if you remember that the Crebain are sitting on them, then, they are the initials of a warning. Nine Orcs Eat Legolas."

" Oh no!" Frodo gasped, as he comprehended the meaning of those words. Merry drew his sword in anger, while Pippin hid underneath the table. Sam looked at Gandalf "What do they eat when they can't get elf?"

"I don't know Sam. But something must be done." Sam quickly scurried off to pack his bag.

" What must I do?" Frodo asked, as he fingered the letter.

" We must send word to elf king," Gandalf said. " I don't think it has happened yet. Otherwise we would have known. But quick, make haste. We must travel to the glittering caves of Aglarond where Legolas is visiting with Gimli."

(For all you non- middle earth people out there, Algarond means glittering caves.)

So after making the necessary arrangements, and dragging pippin from underneath the table, the hobbits and Gandalf set out to save their elven friend.

Finally after many trials and adventures, the gang made it to the glittering caves of the glittering caves. Brandishing their swords the five cautiously crept inside the cave.

" Where are the Orcs, Gandalf?" Frodo asked as they looked for any signs of life.

" I don't know. But be on the look out for anything…"

" Hello."

The hobbits jumped and pippin almost slashed merry with his sword. Even Gandalf looked startled.

" Legolas and Gimli, why are you sneaking up on people?" Gandalf gave them a reprimanding look.

Pippin spoke up, " where are the Orcs?"

Legolas laughed, " Orcs, what on earth are you talking about?"

" Frodo held up the letter. " it says that you were going to get eaten by Orcs."

"Eaten by Orcs? What?" they looked at Gimli who was stifling a laugh. " Gimli what is it?"

" Happy Durin's day!" Gimli said, still trying to stop laughing.

" Gimli Gloin's son you better explain yourself or I'll turn you into a toad." Gandalf waved his staff high.

Gimli looked down at the ground. " It was only a joke."

They all looked at him.

" You know, for Durin's day." Gimli gave them a weak smile. " Just a little joke."

" A joke?" Gandalf smiled. " Ah yes, a joke for Durin's day. Well I have a little joke for you Gimli."

Gimli backed up. " Now Gandalf, I didn't mean any harm. I just… Ribbit!"

They all looked down at the Gimli/ frog and then up at Gandalf.

" You turned him into a toad!" Legolas exclaimed.

" Just for a little while, until he decides that Durin's day jokes are not as funny as he thinks it is." Gandalf picked up the frog. " Come on, lets all go to Minas Tirith, if we're lucky we'll get there in time for tea."

Pippin and merry jumped for joy. " Hooray! Tea!"

" And for you," Gandalf looked down at Gimli. " There should be lots of nice flies."


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