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A listing of past links on the Ticklers frontpage. To submit, first read and follow the Ticklers Guidelines and then send your work to ticklers@theonering.net.

12/01/03 Archive

09/15/03 Archive

08/15/03 Archive

07/15/03 Archive

05/05/03 Archive

 •"New Orc, New Orc" by Nescav
 •LaWiseWoman Caption Page
 •RevolutionSF's LotR Novelization
 •The Hastily Assembled 1 Page LotR
 •Ten Alternate Titles for the LotR Films
 •TORN Scrapbook: Harry Potter From Hell
 •An Interview with JRR Tolkien - (Read at your own risk! -- Tookish)
 •Salon.com| Tom the Dancing Bug's Bob, the Lord of the LotR Figures
 •ESPN.com Psychic Friends
 •Ask Gollum!
 •Unusual Nutcase Lays of Ea

09/01/02 Archive

 • Lord of the Blings
 • War Crimes
 • Skinematic: The Good Guys
 • Skinematic: The Bad Guys
 • You Might Be a Redneck Hobbit If...

08/01/02 Archive

 • Lord of the Legos!
 • Modern Humorist FotR Internet Teaser
 • Movie Trailer Clich Theater: Coming Soon to a Radio Near You
 • ESPN Sportoon
 • Failed Lord of the Ring Catch Phrases TORN Message Board
 • The Brains Trust : Where Did the Budget Go?
 • LotR Personality Test
 • Chocolate Easter Frodo SPOILER
 • Underground Online: Tolkien Retold The Council of Elrond
 • Underground Online: Tolkien Retold The Mines of Moria *warning, heavy expletives & other potentially offensive content*

04/01/02 Archive

 • Spanish Humor Site
 • Ziggy!
 • Fellowship of the Ring: the 15-minute recap SemiSpolierish
 • LotR Character Test
 • LotR: The E-Text! SPOILERS
 • LotR: The Movie! Spoilerish
 • Frodo Baggins’ Holiday Fun Time Sing-Song Hour
 • Where did the Budget Go? News Rip
 • Brunching Shuttlecock’s Review Spoilerish
 • Brunching Dork Tower

02/01/02 Archive

 • The Tolkien Sarcasm Page
 • The Snobbit
 • Peter’s Rings: A Musical Satire
 • Windows Meets LotR
 • The Tolkien Ring Network
 • The Tolkien Insanity Page

10/01/01 Archive

 • Humor Site - Russian
 • Fan Humor Site - Humor Site
 • Private Life of Tolkien - Humor Site
 • RedSOW Humor Directory - Humor Site
 • The Mouth of Sauron Message Boards Plus - Message Board

09/01/01 Archive

 • The Onion Parody - Parody
 • Book-A-Minute Hobbit - Story Summary (SPOILER ALERT)
 • TORn MB - Top Ten List
 • Star Wars and LOTR - Essay
 • Latest from Jimcalagon the Red - Webpage

08/01/01 Archive

 • Mandy and Me - Image Comparison
 • Lord of the Rings Book-a-Minute - Fellowship of the Ring - Story Summary (SPOILER ALERT)
 • Lord of the Rings Book-a-Minute - Two Towers - Story Summary (SPOILER ALERT)
 • Lord of the Rings Book-a-Minute - Return of the King - Story Summary (SPOILER ALERT)

07/01/01 Archive

 • Lord of the Bricks - Part 1 & 2 - LOTR Parody (Spanish)
 • Lord of the Bricks - Part 2.5 - LOTR Parody (Spanish)
 • Lord of the Bricks - Part 3 & 4 - LOTR Parody (Spanish)
 • Lord of the Bricks - Part 5 - LOTR Parody (Spanish)

06/01/01 Archive

 • Fraud of the Rings Tolkien cartoon humor
 • Remember when the trailer came out?
 • Lord of the Rings Cast... toonstyle

05/01/01 Archive

 • Lord of the Rims Teaser Spoof
 • IFilm's LotR Little People Helper
 • The Tolkien Sarcasm Page hosts Melkor-Bradley's LotR Boardgame

03/01/01 Archive

 • Red's LOTR Movie News Page Parody
 • LOTR Movie (Circa 1944 starring Humphrey Bogart) Movie

02/01/01 Archive

 • ModernHumorist Trailer Movie
 • Moria WebCam WebCam
 • Tolkien Sarcasm Page Webpage
 • Spud of the Rings Movie

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Would You Let This Man Direct LotR?
Matt Shuster
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