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Tolkien had a knack for taking us away to a reality he himself invented, while weaving in themes which apply to us, here, as well. Come see how the master of fantasy was so grounded in reality that the lessons he had to teach will stay with us for as long as we choose to listen.

Anwyn is from Rohan, Bill is from Isengard

Some of you thought it would never happen. Some of you actually prayed it wouldn't. But the unthinkable has occurred: It's the return of Bill and Anwyn! After hashing out a spirited book vs. movie debate on Fellowship of the Ring two years ago, the duo sat down and, after some friendly catching up ("So, Bill, still combing your hair with a weed-whacker?"), finally commenced with the long-promised look at The Two Towers.

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Anwyn is from Rohan, Bill is from Isengard 03/01/05
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Men Are From Gondor, Women Are From Lothlórien
Justice, Mercy and Redemption
Good and Evil
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