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Green Books MOST Frequently Asked Questions

"You’ll wish there was more you could tell to satisfy the Questioner...."

– Grishnákh’s famous last words
a.k.a. The Lament of the Q & A Staff

1. Who was the oldest –Treebeard or Tom Bombadil?
Click here: Fangorn or Bombadil the Oldest?

2. Who were the other "blue wizards" that completed the full group of Istari?
Click here: Who were the other Istari?
Click here: Valar made bad Istari choices!
Click here: The Blue Wizard connection

3. Why does Círdan have a long beard when other Elves do not?
Click here: What’s with Círdan’s beard?
Click here: How old is Círdan?

4. What are the two towers specific to the title The Two Towers?
Click here: What ‘Two Towers?’

5. Did anyone learn what really happened to the Entwives?
Click here: Sightings of Entwives

6. Where does the race of Hobbits come from?
Click here: Origin of Hobbits

7. What happened to Gandalf's staff and Glamdring when he was (a) fighting the Balrog (b) fighting Saruman (c) miscellaneous event? How could he get them back afterwards?
Click here: Rebirth of Gandalf
Click here: How does Gandalf get a new staff?

8. What kind of being is Tom Bombadil?
Click here: Is Tom Bombadil the first Elf?
Click here: Tom Bombadil’s power

9. Where can I find comprehensive maps of Middle-earth?
Click here: Karen Wynn Fonstad’s Atlas of Middle-earth
Click here: Map images from our associate site – "Rolozo Tolkien"

10. What are The Grey Havens and why do they go there at the end of the book?
Click here: The Grey Havens

11. What happens to mortals like Frodo and Gimli who sail to the Blessed Realm?
Click here: How could Dwarves go to Valinor?
Click here: Undying Lands
Click here: What happens when Elves die?

12. Are there any Elvish alphabets/dictionary sources available online?
Click here: Is there a real Elvish Dictionary?
Click here: Cent o Hedhellem (An Examination of the Elven Tongues)
Click here: The Letters of Middle-earth

13. What books should I read by Tolkien and in what order?
Click here: What Books to Read?

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